4DS Memory achieved better-than-expected results from latest memory system testing

Australia-based RRAM developer 4DS Memory  announced that it has achieved “significantly better than expected” analysis results from testing of its latest memory system offering known as the Fourth Platform Lot wafer. 4DS says that the notable improvements to the 4Ds Platform Lot technology has been supported by the company’s ongoing collaboration with world-leading R&D and innovation hub in nanoelectronics and digital technologies developer, imec.

Mr Yen said the company has also proven that 4DS Interface Switching ReRAM technology is transferable, while demonstrating a fully functional megabit array with 4DS Interface Switching ReRAM memory cells. Notably, the tests also highlighted consistent read and write speeds equivalent to DRAM and proven endurance in excess of 2 billion cycles at DRAM read and write speed on a megabit array.


In 2020, 4DS announced that it has raised a total of $5.45 million in two financing round. In 2017, 4DS signed signed an agreement with Belgium-based imec to develop a transferable manufacturing process for its technology. In October 2016 4DS also announced the fabrication of a working 40nm RRAM memory cell in collaboration with HGST, a subsidiary of Western Digital.

The 4DS memory cell is constructed using an advanced perovskite material, which has the same crystal structure as the inorganic compound calcium titanium oxide. The cells have no filaments and are so claim to be easier to scale compared to filamentary RRAM.

Posted: Aug 24,2023 by Ron Mertens


Howard Patrick (not verified)

Very significant meeting between 4DS and head of imec scheduled for early October to further discuss this breakthrough.

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