4DS Memory renews its R&D collaboration with IMEC

In 2017, Australia-based RRAM developer 4DS Memory signed an agreement with Belgium-based IMEC to develop a transferable manufacturing process for its technology. 4DS now announced that it has renewed its R&D collaboration with the IMEC research institute after receiving positive results from its fourth lot of test chips.

4DS will pay IMEC 1.92 million Euro for the activities in 2024, and the company expects IME to deliver its 5th and 6th batch of 1 Mbit array chips in Q3 2024. The 6th batch will be based on a 20 nm process. 


4DS reported in February that it had achieved successful results with an IMEC megabit array test platform with 60nm memory cells. The 4DS memory specifications: write speed of 9.5 nanoseconds, endurance up to 3 billion cycles, and DRAM read speed.

The 4DS memory cell is constructed using an advanced perovskite material, which has the same crystal structure as the inorganic compound calcium titanium oxide. The cells have no filaments and are so claim to be easier to scale compared to filamentary RRAM.

Posted: May 27,2024 by Ron Mertens