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Strategic Elements achieved significant technical improvements in its Memroy Ink fabrication technology

Strategic Elements announced that it has achieved significant technical improvements in its Nanocube Memory Ink technology at the University of New South wales (UNSW). The company is now incorporating these advancements into a transparent demonstrator that will be ready by Q3 2019.

Strategic Elements memory ink photo

SER says that it has developed new fabrication methods for its memory ink and its production onto plastics. SER has filed patents for these methods.

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Strategic Elements and USNW to optimize RRAM technology and develop demonstrator applications

Strategic Elements announces has signed an agreement with the University of New South Wales (UNSW) to further optimize the company's Nanocube Memory Ink flexible/transparent RRAM technology. UNSW and SER will also develop demonstrator applications for the new technology.
Strategic Elements glass-based transparent RRAMprototype

UNSW will begin the research by assessing potential demonstrator applications in areas such as multi-functional capacitive sensors that can detect the type and strength of external stimuli including curvature, pressure, strain, and touch with clear distinction. It will also look into developing memory arrays that will fulfill the growing requirement for local digital data storage on flexible sensors, tags, wearables and high value consumer packaging.

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Strategic Elements updates on its Memory Ink status

Strategic Elements announces an updates regarding its Memory Ink project status - and said that it has recently tested its spin-coated Memory Ink device (based on a glass substrate and silver electrodes). The tests, performed at UNSW, were successful and 100% of the memory cells operated successfully and showed "suitable" endurance.

Strategic Elements glass-based transparent RRAMprototype

SER is working with CSIRO, which reproduced the tests done at UNSW successfully - although the endurance results achieved at UNSW could not be repeated. SER will continue to work with UNSW to understand the variability in process and results. The company is also looking into a collaboration with VTT Finland.

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Strategic Elements' alternative Nanocube fabrication method increases performance and uniformity

Strategic Elements logoStrategic Elements reports that the alternative fabrication method it started investigating a few weeks ago has succeeded in creating a layer of nanocube ink over five times thinner than achieved previously with increased performance.

The surface roughness and uniformity of the nanocube layer was also significantly enhanced. The new method was developed and optimized at the University of New South Wales.

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Strategic Elements developed an alternative promising method to build Nanocube RRAM chips

Strategic Elements reported that the company is developing an alternative method to build a Nanocube Memory Ink prototype. The new method is being optimized and the company hopes it will lead to significantly enhanced capabilities.

The company hopes to finish the first initial testing phase over the next 3-4 weeks, and then publish the results and demonstrate the new technology to future potential partners.

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