Strategic Elements and USNW to optimize RRAM technology and develop demonstrator applications

Strategic Elements announces has signed an agreement with the University of New South Wales (UNSW) to further optimize the company's Nanocube Memory Ink flexible/transparent RRAM technology. UNSW and SER will also develop demonstrator applications for the new technology.
Strategic Elements glass-based transparent RRAMprototype

UNSW will begin the research by assessing potential demonstrator applications in areas such as multi-functional capacitive sensors that can detect the type and strength of external stimuli including curvature, pressure, strain, and touch with clear distinction. It will also look into developing memory arrays that will fulfill the growing requirement for local digital data storage on flexible sensors, tags, wearables and high value consumer packaging.

The agreement with UNSW follows a recent extention of SER's collaboration with the CSIRO laboratories in Melbourne.

SER says that its NanoCube Memory Ink combines low cost, traditional printing processes with advanced inks and new forms of flexible materials, allowing the implementation of RRAM memory devices as innovative printing solutions.

Posted: Nov 28,2018 by Ron Mertens